how to pack heavy


I have had the opportunity to travel a lot over the past few years and my downfall is most definitely luggage weight restrictions. I have had to leave piles of clothes and shoes in Australia, use a massive gym bag as my ‘purse’ and beg an agent to only charge me an overweight fee of 200$ instead of the 650$ he wanted to in order for me to make it home. However, I have now discovered a pretty solid way around this. I have a small(ish) carry-on bag with wheels which I fill to the brim with my shoes and jewelry. I wheel that bad-boy like it weighs nothing and I’ve never been questioned. The only problem comes when you get on the flight and all 5’2 of you can’t even lift the suitcase off of the ground. Disclaimer: At this point DO NOT ask a flight attendant to help you get said carry-on into the overhead compartment but politely ask an unsuspecting strong-looking passenger to help get your little suitcase overhead. Thank goodness my checked baggage made it or else I would’ve only had wedges and jewelry to wear all week!

So needless to say, I brought enough jewelry to outfit the entire island of O’ahu. I really love using jewelry to play up any outfit. In my day to day life the most that gets to adorn my wrists are spare hair elastics or sweatbands so I love wearing jewelry when I get an opportunity to get out of my regular work-out garb. I am most drawn to big statement pieces and love to mix cheap finds from places such as Forever21, H&M or Sportsgirl with more upscale buys. I was obsessed with a big gold chunky cuff from Michael Kors this past Christmas and I also often find beautiful jewelry at Banana Republic. I find big fun pieces of jewelry an inexpensive way to change up any outfit. Lately I am also loving handcrafted intentional jewelry like my Turquoise Ocean Mala from Canadian based company tiny devotions ( and my bracelets from my good friend Kim Weston of Purple Lotus ( Etsy has also become my new best friend. I love purple agate and depending on what you’re looking for you can find one of a kind homemade pieces that often have a story behind them.

Jewelry is a great way to express yourself and you can often do so fairly inexpensively. If you love jewelry as much as me and want to bring it all on your vacation – pack it in your carry-on!

with love and kindness,



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