it’s as easy as riding a bike

it's as easy as riding a bike

Today was our first day at Turtle Bay and the Wanderlust festival starts tomorrow! It was incredibly windy today and I somehow thought windy meant cloudy which resulted in a pretty wicked burn on the front side of my body. I had read that one of the best things to do on the North Shore here is to visit the shrimp trucks. The way to get to these trucks is by bicycle or moped along a rural highway. We decided on bikes much to my dismay.

Let me take you back to the fourth grade. My obsession with the Spice Girls was at an all time high. I begged and pleaded with my mom to buy me the most outrageous platform sneakers, we’re talking PLATFORM even though they were a bit too big. She complied. I went home, rode my bike in them and broke my ankle – badly. Alas, this was the end of my bike riding days and although I LIVE for spin, I have not been on a bicycle that actually goes anywhere for over a decade.

Today was the day. After about 6 attempts to start pedaling outside of the bike rental location I finally got my bearings, my clenched fists never leaving the handlebars and my eyes straight ahead at all times – we made the 2 mile ride to the shrimp trucks! We got fresh pineapple and coconut juice while we waited for our garlic shrimp and all I could think about was how happy I was that I CRUSHED my fear of riding a bike, and I actually loved it!

On the ride home a couple of guys yelled at me out of the back of a pickup truck startling me so much I almost fell off my bike but my iron grip and focus kept me on thank god.

I can’t wait for tomorrow to start, maybe I’ll even have time for a little afternoon bike ride before dinner (or not).

with love and kindness,



3 thoughts on “it’s as easy as riding a bike

  1. Sarah,

    You really make me laugh. I can’t believe you haven’t biked for that long! When you get home, and the snow melts, we are going mountain biking!

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