wanderlust day 2

Wanderlust Day 2

What is happening here is indescribable. It’s so incredible to me to see so many strangers come together to laugh, learn, grow and share such an amazing experience together. The synchronized sun salutations, the collective om’s and the beauty of a shared silence in savasana have unified people from all over the world, coming together to celebrate yoga.

I was super scared yesterday for my first class of the day a level 3/4 Power class with someone named Dorian. I was picturing a little tough woman for some reason and much to my surprise (and delight 😉 it was a super tall, super fit, young dude! To my dismay he announced at the beginning of class that this class was listed as a level 3/4 and he intended to make it a 3/4 so if you weren’t interested in that you should leave. I stayed. His class was INCREDIBLE. Not only was it insanely hard but his teaching was so clear and precise. We did every inversion in the book but he intermixed everything with strong vinyasa flow and interesting transitions. I can’t speak highly enough about the class. He led a difficult class with humour, inspiration and spirituality. I can’t wait to take more classes with him in the future.

Next I took a class with Schuyler Grant called paddle, paddle, paddle FLOW – a class for surfers and wannabes (me). We did a lot of upper body work as well as moving through slow and controlled movements to encourage alignment and strength. The class was outside on the grass which was just beautiful. Finally we took a class with Shiva Rae inspired teacher Jennifer Lynn. Jennifer had us working against the wall in handstand which was super fun. I am so close, I just want to get there!

Eoin Finn led an amazing class in the middle of the field outside in the afternoon but I just caught the beginning of it because I was so exhausted.

In the evening we attended the sea to table dinner which was amazing. There were a bunch of white tents set up beside the ocean and we were served amazing ahi tuna, beet & kale salad and so much more I can’t even remember it all. But I DO remember this amazing matcha green tea creme brulee and a weird but delicious sweet potato and coconut cake. After the dinner we headed over to the Michael Franti concert which was just mind blowing. He is so passionate not just about music but about humanitarian issues and he’s super fun! At the end of his set he invited all the kids in the audience on stage to dance. Franti said that Hawaii is the most remote place on earth, furthest away from other places which was a really cool thing to think about. All these crazy yoga hippies dancing and singing on the North Shore with the waves crashing, palm branches blowing in the wind and the stars as bright as ever.


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