wanderlust day 3


I really must be dreaming. I feel so blessed to be here. My gratitude today is directed to my mom. She is honestly my guru. The most giving, honest, loving woman I have ever met. She started the spark and the love of yoga in me when I thought it was so lame as a kid. She’s been a yogi since before people had any idea what yoga was. Furthermore I wouldn’t have been able to come to wanderlust without her support and I am filled with gratitude for not only the opportunity to be here, but the opportunity to do it with my mom. 

On the third day of wanderlust I started off the day with an outdoor yoga basics class with Eoin Finn and his wife Insiya. I love them and feel like they have so much knowledge to give. This class was vital for me as a teacher and I learned so much more about alignment particularly in downward dog. We also worked on our handstands which I really loved. Eoin and Insiya are such giving and honest people. Eoin starts every class by gathering everyone in close to talk and usually share a story before having everyone hug each other and introduce themselves. He also had us just lie back right where we were sitting onto whoever and take in the beautiful Hawaiian air and this experience. 

Following Eoin’s class I had another outdoors class with Dorian. Again, Dorian pushed my boundaries and taught a challenging and super instructional class. His power yoga style doesn’t come from doing hundreds of fast sun salutations but from alignment, core power and steadiness. I have really learned so much from his classes that I can’t wait to bring back. 

Finally I did Schuyler Grant’s class which was really tough for me. We didn’t do chatarungas which I am not used to and we did a TON of hip openers. The class was slow and steady but SO HARD. I have an appreciation for this class because it is definitely where my work is. Even in life I really need to learn how to slow down and appreciate the everyday instead of always rushing and trying to think of whats next.

My good friend and fellow yogi Kellie Bales said in one of her classes something about how most of us don’t experience as much happiness in our life as we should, not because we don’t have the opportunity but because we don’t slow down and take time to revel in it. So I’m going to try to slow down, breathe deep and appreciate everything I have in my life. 

with love and gratitude, 

Sarah Alicia 


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