wanderlust day 4



Day four. The last day of wanderlust and it was the best one yet! My first class of the day was with Baron Baptiste who I have loved for a long time. I have his DVD’s and have practiced with many teachers trained by him so it was such a joy to get to take a class of his. The first class’ theme was the edge of playfulness. He talked about the innate playfulness in children and how being stiff and serious is actually a learned thing. We are born playful. The room was packed and the mats were so close together that we really got to know our neighbours. Now by the end of the conference everyone was really friendly including Sandra from SanFran to my right. On our backs with our legs out in a ‘v’ she massaged my calf, thread her fingers through my toes, gave my feet a rub – yoga love baby! Then we were partnered up, Sandra was my partner obviously and we practiced a variety of different handstands. It was difficult for me because she was like 5’10 and I’m 5’2 but I helped her get into her first handstand and she was just beaming. She said it was a breakthrough moment for her and gave me a hug (again obviously haha). I felt so good in that moment to not only meet a friend and be so open but to help someone do something they’d never done before. That is why I teach. For those aha moments and little triumphs in my students not necessarily in their asana but off the mat too. 

Later in the afternoon I took Baron’s second class called Being of Power. He talked about how Aristotle defined power as to be and let be. Power doesn’t come from being this strong, authoritative person on and off the mat, but from being true to yourself and letting everything just be. Having a sense of letting go makes you all the more powerful. That being said, the class was tough! We flowed a lot and held postures a lot as well. His adjusters were incredible and I was so impressed to be adjusted so many times in such a big class. Following the class I went over to meet Baron and get a picture with him and I was such a nerd! I was shaking with excitement and adrenaline. I don’t even really know what I said except giving a shout out to one of his trained teachers who I love, Pino. 

After class we headed over to the Hans Hedemman surf school. I was with the BEST group of women ever. These women were from all over the world and were hilarious! There were about 10 of us with 5 instructors and we paddled out and caught some waves! I was nervous I was going to be cold but I was fine – and my arms KILLED from paddling so much. My first and my last wave were awesome! I was so proud and happy. The instructors at the school were not only hilarious but so knowledgeable and helpful. I can’t wait to surf again! 

We had an unbelievable meal at a grill and steakhouse at the resort in the evening. My mom and I are eating as much fish as possible while we’re here because it is so incredible. I had yet again ahi tuna and I also had these amazing oyster shots – right on. Afterwards we went to this amazing bar called Surfer – The Bar which is a partnership with the resort and Surfer magazine. The layout is unreal and it’s super laid-back overlooking the ocean. 

I went to bed with matted surfer hair and a huge smile on my face. 

with love and ocean spray, 



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