good-bye turtle bay!

ImageTurtle bay was so different after all of the yogi’s left. It was super mellow and quiet. None of the hula-hooping, partner yoga, slack-lining and handstands all over the place that I had grown to love. I met a fellow lululemon educator from Edmonton named Veronica through us wearing almost identical outfits to our first class. She had met another lemon Steph from Chicago through camping for wanderlust and we all banded together with my mom for a North Shore road trip. 

After packing the car impossibly full we waved our goodbye’s to turtle bay and headed towards Haleiwa a small coastal town on the North Shore. Haleiwa is everything I ever wanted in a small town. Adorable surf shops, bakery’s, shrimp trucks and unreal ocean views. We first hit up the famous Ted’s Bakery which had incredible cakes, pies, cookies and lunch items as well. I was a bit boring and stuck to a huge plate of pineapple and an oolong tea. Next we drove to Sunset Beach and ‘Ehukai Park to see the Banzai pipeline. This is one of the craziest surf spots in the world. Tons of pro competitions are held here every year. We weren’t allowed to even dip our toes in because of the rip tide so we just watched the surfers kill it and bathed in the sun. 


Following the beach we headed to Waimea Bay, Park and Falls. This secluded nature walk is stunning. There are the most incredible trees, flora and fauna all over the place and at the end of the 2km trail there is a huge waterfall you can swim to and climb in. When we got there I was so cold but I sucked it up and dove in with Veronica. She easily climbed into the waterfall but I couldn’t seem to get my bearings with a massive flood of water smoking me in the face! I could tell I was among yoga instructors when she went through and gave me precise instructions so I finally got in the waterfall! It was super exhilarating. After our waterfall adventures we headed back to the car and out on our search for Matsumoto’s Shave Ice. In 1951 Mamoru Matsumoto opened his grocery store here and shave ice quickly became the best seller. Today his son runs the store and on a hot day he sells more than 1000 servings of shave ice. I got a large (bad decision major sugar high) and I chose the flavours coconut, papaya and green tea. My friends got condensed milk poured over top of theirs which also looked incredible. After our amazing treat we headed towards Waikiki.


I realized by this point I had eaten a papaya for breakfast, a bag of dried and sugared coconut, a plate of pineapple and shave ice. It was a sugar-filled day of indulgence. Waikiki is so crazy! It reminds me of Vegas but with an ocean! The stores here are open until 11 or midnight and there are tons of people out and about at all hours of the day. Not to mention the shopping! There are tons of beautiful stores and a mix of high-end labels like Dior, Gucci etc. right beside surf shops – it’s really cool! 

I had such an amazing road trip and I feel so lucky to have met Veronica and Stephanie. Law of attraction man! Halfway around the world and 3 lemons find each other and connect. I’m already missing our windows down, mountains on our left, ocean to our right, shaka’s out the window, michael franti blaring roadtrip adventure! I have no doubt all of our paths will cross again. 

with love and shave ice, 

Sarah Alicia 


One thought on “good-bye turtle bay!

  1. Sarah! I miss our road trip. Thanks for capturing the essence of our adventure on your blog, now I can look back and remember the fun 🙂

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