losing to win

losing to win

I just wanted to quickly write a little something about my experience tonight. Jumping out of the shower and pulling on some pj’s I was just overwhelmed with gratitude.

I just spent over 30 hours travelling back from Hawaii in a series of mix-ups and turn of events that continually delayed me. First the weather in New Jersey delayed several flights, then our flight to Toronto was cancelled and finally once we were re-routed through Chicago and landed in Toronto, unfortunately our bags didn’t make it. Not only did our checked baggage not make it but our carry-on’s we were asked to check didn’t make it either. Fortunately they located our bags in the US and they will be sent to us tomorrow.

What just humbled me was the fact that I have come home and I still have a big warm bed and a closet and dresser full of clothes to wear. Missing what seemed to be crucial items at the time and then coming home to so much made me realize what I take for granted. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family, have the opportunity to go on such an amazing trip and have as much as I do. I am filled with gratitude tonight for the universe giving me these series of events to make me recognize how truly blessed I am.


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