waikiki – why not?

waikiki - why not?

Waikiki was incredible. What a vast difference from the chilled out yogi surfer vibe of the north shore. It was buzzing all the time. Tons of people crowded the streets from the crack of dawn late into the night. You can stand and face the ocean and then turn around and see the mountains, it’s a beautiful place.

In Waikiki I had the opportunity to catch a wave on a stand up paddleboard, snorkel the most beautiful bay I have ever seen and take a catamaran ride on which I saw a huge whales tail smash down into the surf. Breathtaking. My mom and I also indulged in some of the best food I have ever tasted. Ahi tuna everyday, fresh pineapple and papaya and traditional Hawaiian poke (a raw fish appetizer) were some of the highlights of our culinary experience. I felt so good to be eating fresh, incredible food cultivated right from the island we were on.

The main thing that stood out for me on my trip to Hawaii was our innate connection to nature. How can you not be humbled standing in front of the ocean or getting absolutely bombed by a wave? In one of my classes with Eoin Finn he brought us all to this huge bay window and had us look out at the wind in the palm trees, the waves crashing onto the shore, the sun on the horizon. It’s so important to recognize this connection we have with our planet. The fluid tides of the ocean, the wind in the trees, the salt in the sea – it’s all inside of us! Ask a surfer about the power of the ocean. When they catch a perfect wave it’s such a beautiful harmony of nature and human nature uniting. Eoin said it’s hard sometimes to remember the importance or the beauty of nature in our day to day life. Now I love the city, the buzz of the farmers market, or a packed yoga class but every time I spend time in the ocean, paddle a canoe up north or watch the sunset – I feel grounded. I vow to myself, no matter where I am, I will take time to get back to nature and remember my roots.

“In nature, every moment is new; the past is always swallowed and forgotten; the coming only is sacred. Nothing is secure but life, transition, the energizing spirit.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

with love and kindness,



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