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Where have I been?! I am making a commitment to myself to be more dedicated to posting regularly. My life has been a bit chaotic these past few weeks. I’m trying to see all of my friends, get to as many classes as possible, finish up my two school classes – assignments, presentations and exams to prepare for my journey to Whistler at the beginning of May! I also want to make this last month as head of community for my store incredible, with everyone feeling super secure for my departure and leaving a legacy of awesome, exciting, meaningful, relevant community events, initiatives and partnerships to continue on long after I’ve left. I feel so blessed to be part of this team and am so excited to see what they do next! I am beyond excited and definitely a little bit nervous for Whistler. But a little bit of anticipation and excitement never hurt anyone – change is good! I’m getting out of my comfort zone, trying something new and embracing the unknown.

I had an indulgent weekend in Ottawa visiting one of my girlfriends and felt pretty guilty for packing my running shoes – and not using them. So I did a little workout at the gym this morning and then my best friend Cait asked me to go to the gym with her tonight (different gym) and I said – why not! I put together this little circuit for us, modified from the previous ‘the bitch’ workout and we LOVED (and kind of hated) it!

Here we go

The  ‘I-ate-too-much-this-past-weekend’ Workout 

  • 40 side plank dips per side
  • 30 side skaters with 10-15 lb dumbbells in each hand per side
  • 20 plank knee drives (10 per side)
  • 15 cross-over lunge step-ups with previous set of dumbbells per side
  • 10 burpees

Do this twice and if you’re ambitious thrice.


side plank dips: prop yourself up on your left forearm in a side plank, dip your left hip and then bring it back to neutral 40X and then switch to your right forearm, repeat.

side skaters: stand up with your feet a bit wider than hips distance apart holding a dumbbell in each hand, step your right foot out the right still facing forward and touch your dumbbells down on either side of your right foot, come back to center, repeat 30X on right and then move to left.

plank knee drives: start in high plank on your hands and toes, arms straight, bring your right knee to the outside of your right upper arm, igniting your obliques and then come back to high plank, alternate left and right for 20 counts.

cross-over step-ups: set up either a box or a step with several risers underneath, holding the dumbbells in either hand stand beside the step with your left foot next to the step, cross your right foot over your left and up onto the step allowing yourself to step up and then come back to starting position, do this 15X and then rotate so your right foot is against the step and you are stepping up with your left foot.

burpees: I really was introduced to true burpees in CrossFit, if you aren’t able to do a full push-up with your chest to the ground, you flatten your body to the ground, release your hands, keeping your legs engaged, quads off of the ground, push yourself back up and shoot your legs back under you before jumping up and then coming back down into push-up position again, repeat 10X.

This workout is killer and super fun. Cait and I started with 15mins of cardio, I’ve discovered the stairmaster and I really liked it for a change of scene. We took probably a 5 minute rest in between the two rounds but I would suggest only a 1 minute rest. We also followed up with 15 minutes of core which I will post for you a bit later.

With stairs, sweat and circuits

Sarah Alicia


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