what the heck is a WOD?


I asked myself this question in my first CrossFit class ever, what the heck is a WOD (workout of the day), what on earth is a snatch and like hell am I going to do seven minutes of burpees. So many people initially, like me, have reservations about CrossFit. Many people feel like they have to get fit to go to CrossFit or that it’s only for certain body types or athletes but honestly – it is for everyone. CrossFit is more effective and interesting than so many other workouts because it is always different. I have never done the same workout twice, and I love that! You are also continually recording and improving upon your past results. You’ve never ‘completed’ something, you’re constantly working on improving and bettering yourself. I’m blessed to be able to attend classes with my co-workers at our local CrossFit Newmarket Central where we are affiliated. Co-owners Ryan Abush and Michelle Fallis are committed to making CrossFit accessible to everyone, they know everyone by name and continually push me to do my best. They were recently brought on as lululemon athletica ambassadors for being movers and shakers in our athletic community. All of the coaches at CrossFit are incredible and will make you feel 100% at ease. My friends and I attend the fundamentals class where you receive more instruction and learn the basic moves in order to progress properly.

More than anything I have noticed how much CrossFit is a community. Everyone cheers each other on, supports everyone’s progress and celebrates their successes. If you haven’t tried out a CrossFit class I strongly recommend it. I am still an avid gym goer, spinner and yogi but I find that CrossFit adds another dimension to my work outs and keeps me motivated and interested in my progress. Many of the workouts are short, timed activities that allow you to push yourself as much as possible within an allotted time frame. I went to CrossFit three times this week and did some really fun workouts but today I want to share with you the WOD from Wednesday. 

WOD: Wednesday, April 17th 

3 Rounds for time of:

  • 400m Run 
  • 15 Pull-ups
  • 30 Overhead Walking Lunges #45/25

Followed by

50 GHD sit-ups for time






We were so lucky to have such beautiful weather on Wednesday afternoon and took full advantage of the outdoors for our workout. First we ran twice around the building for our 400m run before coming inside to do pull-ups. For the pull-ups we use different levels of elastic band in order to help us pull ourselves up as you can see demonstrated by Amy above. If elastics aren’t available and you are trying this WOD at your own gym, I have often used the method of jumping up and slowly lowering yourself down. So jumping up to hold yourself at pull up height and slowly lowering yourself down. We did 15 reps of pull-ups before running back outside to do 30 walking lunges with a plate above our head. The recommended weight for women was 25 and for men 45. I can’t remember if we used 25 or 15 here. You can always modify under the recommended weight. After our walking lunges we repeated the circuit two more times for completion. 


Following the circuit we finished with 50 sit ups on the GHD machine. This apparatus allows you to really extend before using your core to bring you up into a sit- up and touch your toes. We did two rounds of 20 for completion instead of for time. GHD’s can be really hard on your body especially if you’ve never done them before. I’m sitting here afraid to cough or laugh because I will be in excruciating pain! So take it easy to start 🙂 

The other two workouts I did this week were incredible as well and I can’t wait to share some more CrossFit workouts with you. I can’t encourage you enough to try out a class. The actual CrossFit experience, not only of the workout but the whole environment is worth it. From the huge clock tracking your time, to the blaring music and the community vibe – CrossFit is definitely something you don’t want to miss. 

with love and lunges, 

Sarah Harvison 


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