a week of wunder


I live in my wunder under crops. They are all I teach in as a yoga instructor and often make their way into my everyday wardrobe. I love being able to wear a pair of wunder unders out to lunch or work in a cute way before taking off the layers and running to a yoga class. I wanted to show the versatility of my favourite staple in my wardrobe! Bright bottoms are super trendy right now and I used to shy away from any colour on my bottom half but now I am embracing it! As summer is on the horizon I am getting super excited about incorporating loud and fun colours into my wardrobe. I was committed and wore seven different pairs of wunder unders for the past week. Here’s my ensembles – and thank-you to my beautiful co-workers who so dutifully acted as my photographers for the week.

Image(wunder unders in flash, currant and white & dune)

Image(wunder unders in floral {can’t remember exact colour but there are a similar pair right now in twiggy printed nimbus}, bordeaux and beach blanket blue)

Image(wunder unders in inkwell)

I can’t wait for more fun bright coloured wunder unders. They are so incredibly comfortable not only for teaching classes or working out but for everyday life as well. It was really fun to create little outfits based on the colour of wunder under I was going to wear each day. Long live the wunder under! 

with love and wunder, 

Sarah Alicia Harvison 


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