cardio kicker

Tonight I created a workout to do with my good friend from work, Shannon. She’s a major athlete so I wanted to incorporate both strength and bursts of cardio in the circuit. We did the circuit through twice ending both times with burpees. I used to hate burpees but my coaches at CrossFit really made me love them.

In CrossFit we are taught to jump into a push-up position so our chest line touches the ground before pushing our body up in one straight line and springing our legs back in. If this is too difficult the progression would be to jump out to plank position and lower down to a hand release push up. This would mean lowering your chest down so that it touches the ground releasing your hands while keeping your legs engaged. Bring your hands back to the ground and push back up into plank position before hopping your legs in between your hands. I don’t have a picture for it but I wanted to add that after you jump your feet in between your hands you jump up high and clap above your head before hitting the ground again 🙂 See below for visuals.


So now that we’ve mastered the burpee I will share the full workout with you.

Cardio Kicker

  • 40 mountain climbers 
  • 30 goblet squats (holding a 30lb dumbbell)
  • 40 jumping jacks
  • 30 lunge twists (15 per side lunge forward holding 15 lb dumbbell in between your hands and twist in the direction of whatever leg lunges forward, lunge with the RIGHT twist towards the RIGHT)
  • 10 burpees 

Repeat this circuit twice through. If you’re ambitious you might choose to go for a little spin like Shan and I did tonight – not highly recommended as my body is screaming at me right now haha.

Try it out and happy burpee’ing!

In yoga they always say the pose that you hate the most or that gives you the most difficulty is the one you should be practicing most often. Show that love to the parts of your workout you find really tough and see how it can transform your outlook and your workout! It’s funny how sometimes something you may hate can change for you just by the feedback or support you hear from others. I hated burpees and one day one of my coaches told me that I was a natural. I felt like I had deceived my coach because I actually had such a strong dislike for them. I kept practicing and putting my all into them because I wanted to prove to myself that I was actually good at burpees like my coach had recognized. I realized we are our own worst critic. Someone else saw in me what I could not see for myself and allowed me to become proud of something I dreaded. Perspective is everything.

Learn to love those tough areas in your life,

with love, patience and kindness,

Sarah Alicia Harvison


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