fitness friday: apres yoga at yama


Today I felt incredibly blessed. I woke up and ate breakfast with my roommate at our picnic table overlooking the mountains and this afternoon I had an opportunity to meet with an absolutely inspiring co-worker of mine Julia Matheson for a goal coaching session. However, we talked about how it’s so much more than goal coaching, I liken it more to dreaming BIG and figuring out how to make it a reality. Julia had me focus on the things I most definitely want in my life and what I don’t want. We talked about my perfect life and what I needed and valued most. It was so motivating. She told me that everyone on the earth has a different mix of strengths, values, experience etc. that contributes to making them completely unique in some way and therefore the best at something in the entire world. When you blend all of your passions, strengths and aspirations together you can find that one thing that is your life purpose, your path or in yoga as they call it, your dharma. She talked about that person who may work a regular job but then comes home and gets completely lost in their passion, hours pass like minutes and they are completely consumed with whatever this hobby may be. Now imagine you could harness that true calling and passion into a career. How incredible would it be to find that perfect match of your passions and strengths and make it into your job? I once read a quote that said find your passion and you’ll never work another day in your life. Obviously there are always going to be difficult situations and days but finding that career path that just speaks to your soul is totally possible – and I can’t wait to go out and get it! Julia is so amazing and has recently started her own blog She is so insanely passionate about helping others discover their true calling. Julia has a real gift in being able to uncover one’s aspirations, strengths and passions and help develop an action plan to make them a reality. She gave me some homework and I can’t wait to start dreaming about the infinite possibilities out there and what I want my life to look like. One thing I know for sure – blissful and beachy!



We had our goal coaching session at the cutest little bakery with amazing smoothies and Julia had this incredible gluten-free orange chocolate muffin – yum! Following our session we went to Yama Yoga in the village. We went to Apres Yoga with Thomas. Apres Yoga is described on the Yama website as “…the perfect end to an active day. It may be Apres Ski Yoga, Apres Bike, Apres any day that stressed the body physically, mentally or emotionally. This simple flow helps to move lactic acid and reduce sore muscles. It will restore energy levels as well as peace of mind.” This Apres  Yoga class was Apres Yoga for me because I had actually gone to a noon class close to my house with my roomie. I absolutely loved the space and loved the class. The studio is small and has a wall of windows that overlook the trees. Thomas was an attentive teacher with great cadence who gave me many amazing cues and adjustments to enhance my practice. The class included many optional flows as well as a strong and slow warrior series. Thomas did his teacher training with Colleen the studio owner and he was incredible. He also comes from Toronto which was fun to talk about! The studio is unheated which is different for me based on my past teaching at Country Zen and personal practice at Hot Yoga Aurora but I liked it a lot. The studio offers so many different classes and is super close to my work so I can’t wait to hit up some more. I’m looking forward to a yoga pilates flow class next week!

Yama Yoga is owned by Colleen Felgate, one of our current lululemon athletica ambassadors for the Whistler location. In yoga, the yamas are the first of the eight limbs of yoga. The yamas are sort of like the commandments of yoga. The word yama actually means self-restraint or discipline and in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras he outlines five yamas. I love Colleen’s explanation of her studio’s purpose on her website when she states that “…Yama Yoga has grown out of the belief and experience that life can be imbalanced, unstable and uncertain yet through the support of community, colleagues, friends and family that we can not only appreciate our self worth, we can come into the light.” I felt a true sense of community at Yama. Thomas knew everyone’s name and took a moment at the beginning of class to come over and introduce himself and ask about my own practice which was incredibly thoughtful. I really like the vibe of the studio and really look forward to trying more of their classes.

If you’re in Whistler, especially staying in the village make sure you check out Yama Yoga and please give my girl Julia’s blog a read, she’ll change your life!

with big dreams and chatarungas

Sarah Alicia Harvison


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