its summertime in whistler and the livin’s easy


“people wait all week for friday, all year for summer and their entire lives for happiness”

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve done a post. I am committed to coming back to my blog and sharing the incredible experience I am so blessed to be having this summer in Whistler. I recently came across the above quote and it really made me think about my choice to move here this summer. Many people have asked me how I am able to travel, pack up and move somewhere – my answer: just do it. If you really want something, your heart explodes at the thought of an experience, adventure or destination you truly can find a way to get there or do that. Everything is in our realm of possibility. I have always been encouraged to dream big and I am so lucky I’ve had the support of so many incredible people who have pushed me to be the best I can be. I am so happy right now. I feel like I am exactly where I want to be at this moment in time and it feels perfect.

This summer I’ve taught a few Sunday morning yoga classes at lululemon. Hiked Whistler and Blackcomb mountain twice. Swam in a glacier fed lake. Partied on top of Cougar mountain…in a monkey suit. Went white water rafting. Did a handstand in the Olympic Rings. Practiced yoga in the middle of the woods. Cheered race participants on until I had no voice and stayed up late to cuddle up in a blanket on the dock and stare at the stars that were so bright I felt as if I could reach out and touch them.

At our place we wash all our dishes by hand. We get splinters in our feet when we dance too much on the porch. We sleep with all the windows wide open and wake up with mosquito bites. We live on avocados, quinoa, coconut and then some more coconut. We may not have air conditioning, television or a working vacuum.  But we laugh until our bellies hurt, we share our biggest hopes and fears (as well as our wardrobes, snacks and nail polish) and we love with abandon.

…and I wouldn’t change a thing.

with love and happiness,

Sarah Alicia Harvison


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