blissful and blessed


“There is a place within, a source of infinite joy, love and bliss. When we are in touch with this place life ceases to be merely about us and we feel deeply connected to the well-being of our body/mind, our personal relationship, our community and nature. Blissology is about deepening our awareness of this place so we can be a positive force in the world.”


I am so incredibly filled with gratitude, happiness and love. This past week I had the opportunity to do a 50 hour, level 2 training in Ucluelet, BC with Eoin Finn. It’s really hard for me to put into words the impact this training had on not only my practice but my spirituality and outlook on life. 

Eoin practices Blissology and has inspired so many people including me, to join his movement to be a conduit for love and a positive force in the world. 

Blissology (TM) (blis-ol-uh-jee) – noun; is the art of consciously finding the balance between one’s personal desires and our impact on the web of life.  It is not just a brand but a way of being.  It is a path of interconnectedness and love.

I fell in love with Blissology and Eoin’s teaching at an event on New Years Day this past year at the Thompson Hotel in Toronto called #sweatyourintention. The class was a beautiful flow full of interaction with one another, intention and playfulness. The 200-person class filled-up so quickly I was so lucky to be able to reserve a place. My mom and I attended the class together and we were hooked. In February I attended Wanderlust O’ahu, Hawaii with my mom where I was able to take several of his classes again and knew I had to pursue more training with him. Eoin has the ability to make a class of 500 people feel like a group of old friends catching up and playing together. He has the ability to turn a room full of strangers into interactive, intuitive, hugging machines! It’s beautiful to see a massive hall filled with strangers come in and lay their mats in perfect lines, in rows upon rows only to start class huddled in a big circle hugging one another and finish class lying in a big ‘puppy pile’ and being completely content with it. I think it’s so important to come back to our innate state of play. Children are so joyful and full of life and somehow as we get older we develop into states of fear, insecurity, stress and we forget how to be present. This week reminded me of the importance of impulsiveness. Of excitement, joy, love and the beauty of child-like play. Kids hug without reservation, squeal with anticipation and love openly. I want to always remember the importance of play and I owe it to my 8 year old self to be fun-loving, excitable and full of life. 


Every day of our training in Ucluelet started with a massage train circle (heavenly) followed by hugs all around. Our post-lunch ritual was a dance party most likely to some sort of funk music followed by hours on the beach talking about big topics like love and prayer. I felt so privileged to be sharing the space with so many incredibly accomplished yoga teachers. The conversation was thought provoking, heartfelt and deeply spiritual. I feel like we don’t talk about the big questions in life enough. We don’t make eye contact and TRULY ask someone how they are and be prepared to listen if the answer is anything but ‘I’m great!’. This training really made me assess who I am being in every aspect of my life both on and off of the mat. I want to have big conversations with strangers. Connect with people, share and embody love. That’s what life is all about. 


I also had the opportunity to surf which I just love. I was able to catch quite a few (small) waves and was stoked! One of the women on my training Jerri really inspired me. She’s an incredible yogi and surfer and has completely motivated me to move somewhere beautifully tropical, teach yoga and surf everyday. Plus, she has a love for her husband that is out of this world inspiring and something I hope to share with someone someday. I could honestly tell you a story about every person on our training and how they inspired me to be better, do better and love more.


Another unforgettable experience for me was on our last day together. One of the women on our training Lacey is 7 months pregnant and in our closing circle we each had a piece of blue thread and we went around the circle and tied the string on our neighbours wrist as we shared a wish with Lacey for her baby. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had the chance to be a part of. It’s so miraculous when you think of creating life. She has a little human-being inside of her and we were all sharing our best wishes and dreams for her unborn baby. 


Again, I feel so lucky to have met the people I did and learn so much not only about my practice but about myself. Blissology is continuing to grow bigger and bigger and I had this feeling the entire time that I was a part of something very special. My wish is to grow with Blissology. I want  to take more intensives towards my 500 hour certification and be a part of this incredible movement. I hope I have the opportunity to share and learn with this group of individuals again in the future and look forward to spreading the message I have been given and what I have learned through my teaching and my practice both on the mat and in my life.

That inexplicable feeling. That tugging at your heartstrings. That feeling that you are exactly where you need to be in that moment. That’s a little bit of what I felt this week and what I hope everyone finds in their life. Whatever that may be. Find that thing that makes you say yes – this is my purpose and this is my place. 

with absolute bliss and loving kindness, 

Sarah Alicia Harvison 


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